Golden Tote July Reveal!

YAY, I got my July Golden Tote super fast this month 🙂 They started shipping very early after their sale & UPS decided to hold my package hostage for a few days before finally giving me my precious babies. For those that don’t know, Golden Tote is a surprise shopping experience! You choose either the $49 tote or $149 tote (+$7 shipping). You then get to select either 1 or 2 pieces and the rest is chosen for you by Golden Tote stylists (you’ll receive 2-3 items or 5-7 depending on which size tote & items you select).

I like to describe Golden Tote’s style as sort of Anthropology / California girl / amazing. The value is always on point and they push me out of my style zone. They also have an in-house brand, Priddy & Cut + Sew, that are super adorable and sent out as surprise items. The Facebook Group is also incredibly active and full of not only really supportive wonderful women, but also  a great way to trade/sell your items! Anyway, onto the fun stuff, what I got this month!!

Clearly, I have no self control and went for the large tote! Hell, I’d rather be broke and looking fabulous than rich and looking like crap. My first pick was the Aphrodite Maxi in Navy/White.
It fits perfectly, makes my booty look great, and is just the right length. I never thought I would be such a maxi girl until Golden Tote but if you look in my closet now, it’s basically all maxis…from them….

My next pick was the Endless Summer Maxi in Green.
Again, so much love!! It also have POCKETS!! Yes, pockets ❤ Be still my heart. The back is also incredible. I am stealing this pic of the back from their website because it’s basically impossible to take a picture of your back yourself without looking like a complete idiot.

The surprise items!! First up, another maxi by Super B. It’s beyooooond guys. BEYOND.
IMG_4542 IMG_4546
Just look at the detailing. It’s so freaking fantastic. And so comfy. I’m obsessed.

Next up is this Cut + Sew by Golden Tote Top
When I first saw this popping up in the FB group, I was basically praying I wouldn’t get it. It looked boxy and like it wouldn’t flatter me. But I sucked it up and tried it. Man, am I glad I did. I actually super love it and am really pleased that GT pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Here’s the items that just didn’t work with my body. Up first, Priddy by Puella Surprise Dress.
It’s very cute, and has an interesting reverse cowl neck opening in the back, but I think I am just too hippy and top heavy to really pull it off. It fit/the sizing was correct, just didn’t do my any favors. However, I sold it right away to a lucky lady in the FB group 🙂

And next up, these Celebrity Pink Jeans shorts.
Again, very cute, but the booty dat don’t quit and the thighs I inherited from my mother didn’t take toooo kindly to these. I was able to get them on (with some wiggling required), but just didn’t feel very comfortable in them. Luckily, I again sold them to a great gal!

I also added on one of these amazing Flawless bralettes from the boutique after I sent through my order and they were able to combine my shipping (aka refund me the cost of one and send me everything together).

It is SOO comfy. I basically live in the other color I received from them a few months ago and jumped at the chance to purchase it again. I will probably get the third lilac color next time I purchase a tote.

Overall, I think this was probably one of my favorite totes (I probably say that every month). Their customer service is always on point, I love being a part of the Facebook community, plus getting sneak peeks is so fun. Sarah and her team are on point with styling and I feel like I never need to shop for clothes again! If you want to sign up, feel free to use my referral link, I’ll receive $10 to further enable myself 🙂 I strongly suggest signing up for their newsletter and joining the FB group.

Did you get Golden Tote this month??

*Disclaimer, post includes referral links but everything was purchased on my own dime!


April Popsugar Must Have Spoilers and HUGE 50% Off Coupon!

Yes, I said 50% off y’all!! This will actually be my first Popsugar Must Have box, especially after the recent increase in price. I have always lusted and bemoaned when I saw reveals, but never bit the bullet. Until now. When I could get the box for $19.97 shipped. And with awesome spoilers. Check them out after the cut!
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Julep April Sneak Peek + 50% Coupon!

Julep just sent us this spoiler-y email for April! Quick recap: Julep is a monthly nail/beauty sub-box where you get 2 polishes + 1 beauty product, 3 polishes, or an all beauty product box dependent on which selection you chose for $19.99 a month. You also earn jules on all purchases which can be cashed in for future boxes. You can also get your first box free with the code FREEBOX!

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March’s Golden Tote Reveal ($49 Option)

Yay!! I got my Golden Tote on Monday! If you remember, I got the $49 option, picking the Chic V-Neck Dress. Obligatory recap of what GT is: their sales go live the first Monday of each month. You chose between $49 or $149 tote options. If you pick the $49 option, you select 1 item from their boutique and receive 2-3 surprise items (up to $200 value) and if you get the $149 bag, you’ll get 5-7 (up to $600)! Their style/options remind me a lot of Anthropologie but for a fraction of the price (in fact, I believe a few of their items have been sold there before) and they have their own in-house brand that’s great. It’s a fun way to get beautiful clothes and they have fabulous customer service. Anyway, enough rambling, onto the goodies!

1) Up first, my pick for the month, the chic v-neck dress by renee c:


Very light and gorgeous in person. I loved the print to death. It’s perfect for spring/summer and will be great with a pair of cowboy boots and if it ever is chilly here in Phoenix, a denim shirt. I only wish the v-neck was a little lower and that the elastic waist sat a bit differently. I think after I lose a few more lbs, I’ll love the dress even more. If not, I’ll trade it away because GT has a very active trade group on Facebook!

2) This amazing renee c. dress


When I first pulled it out of the box, I wasn’t sold. I didn’t think I would like it on my body, thought the print would be too loud, the back too open, etc. But once I put it on, hot damn! It looks smokin! It’s a smidge tight on the bottom, but J.Lo booty + Pilates will do that to a gal! I am soo happy with this dress and I think I found a new neckline to love!


Here’s a closer look at the back. There are two black slits with one center panel. The top is buttoned with a faux diamond. I love it. I usually don’t do open backs because of bra situations, but I will make this one work, because, well, it’s fab. Great job Golden Tote on this pick!

3) Last, but not least, this Flawless bralette that’s been popping up in most of the totes.


Now, when I first saw this around the boards, I thought frak, there is NO way these bb’s are going to be contained in that thing. I assumed I would immediately be putting it up for trade if I received it. I thought wrong. I tried it on for shits and giggles and fell in lurrrrve. It’s so pretty and feminine and surprisingly, the gals are contained! The pink is a great color too, not TOO obnoxiously neon, and the lace wasn’t itchy at all.

Overall, I am soo happy with my tote! $49+ shipping and I got 3 lovely pieces 🙂 I personally recommend that you sign up for Golden Tote’s newsletter today so you never miss a sale again, I promise you won’t be disappointed / you will want to spend all your money always.

Glossybox Feb ’14, March Sneak Peak #1, Coupon!

Well, as fate would have it, the first spoiler for March’s Glossybox came when February finally came to me. For some reason, my box decided to hang in Indiana for a while. The theme for February was ~love~, which would have made sense if we actually received our boxes anywhere CLOSE to Valentines Day. Annnyway, onto the box!

1) Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture in City of Angel Full Size – $18
This was our first spoiler for Feb. Lauren B. is actually the niece of Philip B. whose hair products show up regularly in sub-boxes so hopefully the quality stands up to her name. She is making her debut in Glossybox this month with this light blush pink polish that actually matches the box quite perfectly. Now, Lauren claims that this polish will last 14 days without chipping. That makes me want to laugh a bit, but I guess we’ll have to see!
IMG_2968 IMG_2969
The formula doesn’t seem too goopy or too runny and the brush seems alright tho I personally prefer a thicker brush so you don’t end up with brush strokes (especially with sheer colors).

2) Sumita Beauty Kala Color Intense Pencil in Black Full Size – $15
Ah, black eyeliner. So original! I have never received nor purchased black eyeliner in my life. *eyeroll*. I also cared soo little, I didn’t even bother to retake this blurry picture.
Apparently some ladies have gotten this in their Birchboxes and said that it had good staying power so we have that going for us. I have yet to decide if I am even going to bother opening and swatching to see or if I’ll put it straight into the trade pile.

3) anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Full Size (3 patches) – $11
I think anatomicals is a great cheeky brand. The copy on the back of the box actually made me laugh out loud. I am stoked to try these eye patches out, especially after a rough night out.
They are supposed to revitalize the skin around your eyes and make your peepers look rejuvenated, vibrant, and smooth AKA erase the tequila shots you did the night before.

4) Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Tinted Lip Balm Tube Full Size – $9
Other ladies were raving about this item on the forums, so I was excited to get it in my box, but my tube feels like almost 1/2 of the product is already missing! I will be sending Glossybox an email about it, but I’m not too sure what they’ll do about it.
Anyway, this UK brand is supposed to provide a hint of color and is made with 100% natural ingredients. It does smell quite nice, like cherries 🙂

5) Pureology Serious Colour Care Colour Fanatic 1fl Oz – ~$3.60
The only non-full size product in the box and one of the ones I wasn’t really looking forward to. I don’t color my hair anymore, so I don’t really have a use for a treatment spray.
Apparently it provides 21 essential benefits to prime, perfect, and protect color-treated hair. What those reasons are, who knows. This will probably end up on the trade list unless I decide to get crazy and dye my hair anytime soon.

Overall, this box has a value of over $55 for only $21! Not too shabby.

Now onto the first spoiler for March:
Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.26.35 PM
Some fancy pants face mask! This Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask retails for $158 full size. Like holy crap, it better be made out of gold / the tears of virgins for me to ever pay full boat for that. I am assuming our sample size will be uber small.

Also, if you haven’t signed up for Glossybox yet, use the code GBFRESH to get a deluxe size deluxe-sized Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream! Also remember to use Ebates, you’ll save $2.75! What did you think of this month’s Glossy? Have you even gotten yours yet?! xo

Starlooks February Starbox

I really dig the Starbox sub. It’s inexpensive (~$17 with shipping), delivers high quality makeup, and has top notch CS. If you ever receive a duplicate or broken item, they are on top of it! If you haven’t received your box yet, they just sent an email out today notifying customers of delay & gave out a $5 coupon. 

This month’s theme was ~Futurism~, aka metallics! 


I received an exclusive cream eyeshadow in Hologram. This product is brand new and will be available soon for purchase. Retail value – $12. This is a really pretty shade and changes color depending on lighting. It’s interesting, buildable, and will be great to use as a highlighter OR base for more boring colors. 


I also got Starlooks lipstick is Lilu, a super goldy gold lippie that retails for $12.  I love the name, reminds me of the 5th Element. It goes on true to tube color & has some lasting power. Great for gals that like to rock a metallic lip and also good for layering. Personally, it doesn’t look that flattering on me, but I traded it away for some goodies on MUT. 


Wall Street is a deep, dark loose pigment, full of glittery goodness that goes for $17. I used the other night as an eyeliner and loved it. I also love the unique top, it’s a small hole so you don’t end up covered in pigment and can use just the right amount. 


Here’s the colors swatched, inside and outside, no flash. 




These were all done with one swipe.

Starlooks also threw in a nice nylon headband! While it isn’t the cutest color, it will definitely be useful for makeup application and especially when I do face masks. I always end up with goop in my hair, so woohoo! Yes, this was taken outside because it’s like 80 degrees here already. Dreading summer, I know it’s going to be a scorcher. 


All together this month had a retail value of $41, more than double to sub price! Plus, February was also the first month of loyalty gifts for Starbox subscribers!! This month’s gift was $35 to spend on the Starlooks site, including PAST Starboxes. While it could have been fun to get a random product, this guarantees no one would receive a duplicate & total happiness. Here’s what I ended up purchasing for a total of $3 y’all!


The October Starbox includes a 3 pan blush palette and was worth $73 (already a steal) so I was thrilled that it was still in stock. You can check out all the past Starboxes here. What a fun month. Do you subscribe to Starbox? If not, please consider using my referral link! When you refer someone, you get to customize your OWN Starbox! 

Starbox December + New Rewards Program

Yay, Starbox came a few days ago and I love it! We were promised a pretty 15 shade palette and Starlooks delivered! In case you’ve never heard of Starbox, it’s a monthly sub box that delivers Starlooks brand products! It’s $15 a month + shipping (so for me $17.68). I’ve only been subbed for 2 months, but I enjoy it! Image

Love their packaging! Sleek and chic! Each box also comes with crystals, but mine were broken sadly. I emailed their CS and within an hour or so, they told me they’d be sending me replacements! Image

The exclusive New Years Eve palette that subscribers got! Gorgeous mix of mattes and shimmers, I can’t wait to play with it! Especially the green 🙂


A few ladies over at MUT had reported issues of the mattes (specifically black and wine color @ the top) not showing up. Marci, founder of Starlooks, responded personally to one of the inquiries and informed us that swatching with your fingers for matte shades actually leaves behind an oily residue that prevents the shade from showing up! I personally didn’t have any issues with mine as I only tried out the shades with a brush. Another tip I learned from the MUT ladies was to simply put a piece of scotch tape over stubborn shadows and take off the first layer! This will get rid of any pesky oils and let the color shine. Image

They also introduced a rewards program this month! Every 3rd month that you’re a subscriber, you receive a free product valued at $35!! So that means I’ll be getting a lil somethin somethin come March! I’m excited to see what it brings. Let me know if you sign up for Starbox and what you think of it!

Fab Fit Fun VIP Winter Box

It’s here, it’s here!! YAY! I am pleased I stuck around for FFF VIP this quarter. For those that don’t know, FabFitFun VIP is a quarterly box curated by Giuliana Rancic that is $49.99 with a guaranteed value of $120 and chock full of full size goodies! After the initial spoiler came out, I knew I was going to. The total value of the box ended up being $271.47!!!

Behold the glory that is the winter box

The Giving Key Never Ending Necklace – $55
I loooove this key! Mine says ‘strength’, something I definitely am needed as of late. 2013 has been a hell of a year and I am ready to go into 2014 with a renewed energy. I also love the message behind this key. You’re supposed to wear it until you meet someone who needs it more than you and instruct them to do the same. The Giving Key is also a favorite of Michelle Williams, Julianne Hough, and Demi Lovato!

Beauty For Real Lip Gloss – $22
IMG_2506 IMG_2507
I received the color ‘Light My Fire’, a fun red for the holidays. This bad gal not only has a peppermint after taste, but also includes moisturizing antioxidants, plumping marine collagen, AND IT LIGHTS UP. Yes, it’s gimmicky, but lord does it work! I was like a little kid, pushing the on lipgloss on and off for a few minutes.


Lorna Jane Bracelet – $29.99
Lorna Jane is apparently a super famous fitness gear guru. The bracelet is quite neon-y and rubber. Not exactly my style, but we’ll see. It comes with the daily reminder to “Move, Nourish, and Believe”. FFF also included a 20% code (FABFITFUN), however it’s only valid until 12/31, so some people may only have mere days to decide if they want to use it or not.

Bioxidea Miracle – $19
This mask is supposed to reduce the signs of premature aging. I just turned 26 (aka, the other side of almost 30) so I suppose I should really get on this! I’m excited to try this out and will prob post a pic when I have it on to scare the children.

TruEnergy Inspired Earbuds – $39.99
Wahoo, I am pleased with the color combo I got, not to mention I need new earbuds. They have some cool features too, including noise reduction AND a splitter that lets you rock out with your gal pals. I’m attempting the Couch to 5K this month (aka, I haven’t started yet but keep saying today will be the day) so I’m looking forward to testing these out.

Physique 57 Classes – $25
FFF included a pass for 5 Physique 57 classes. This is a boujie celeb happy workout that costs zillions and is only in fancy pants cities. So we get to try 5 classes online and maybe I’ll be closer to Kelly Ripa’s insane bod, hell I’d settle for the chick on the insert.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream – $45
Tre fancy!! Skyn Iceland is super well known and the eye cream promises to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. I’m looking forward to putting this into my skin care routine (though I still have a jar of Origins Ginzing eye cream to work through). ALSO, wtf @ my bare nails?! I had Deborah Lippman Cleopatra Goes to New York on, but it only lasted 2 days before chipping so I got impatient.

MeUndies Gift Card – $20
The blogosphere has been buzzing about MeUndies for a while now, so yay for $20 to spend on undies! I believe this will cover a singe pair making it the most expensive/basic panties ever, but YOLO? Also, I am special, thank you MeUndies.

Bonus Items:
Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser – $7.49
While we JUST got a full size Bliss Cleanser in the last box, I’m sure I’ll get around to this. It’s won a few Allure beauty awards and hey, maybe it’ll become HG for under $8!

NYX Eye Shadow Palette – $8
Another item I wasn’t super excited for, mostly because I am up to my ears in neutral eye palettes from higher end brands. I got this in Sunsets with Sophia. It’s pretty and maybe I’ll get around to it after I’m done obsessing with my Naked 3 / Starlooks.

Overall, this was a great box. I love majority of the items and it was a high value box for only $49.99. New subscribers can save $5 using the code EARLY5. Did any of you get the box? What did you think?

Glossybox on Living Social, as low as $12 a box!!

Living Social is currently having a great deal on Glossybox subs! Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that promises at least 5 items (usually deluxe samples and a full size product) from all around the world! December’s box holds a great Nails Inc polish. Anyway, back to the Living Social deal:

• $16 ($21 value) for a one-month subscription + included shipping
• $45 ($60 value) for a three-month subscription + included shipping
• $90 ($115 value) for a six-month subscription + included shipping
• $165 ($220 value) for a 12-month subscription + included shipping

Use the code WARMUP for an extra 20% off (expires 12/15) for up to $20 off! I ended up having $15 in Living Social bucks from an expired deal so I got a 3 month sub for just $21 (THE PRICE OF ONE BOX Y’ALL!) Also remember to use Ebates for an extra 4% cash back! In case you don’t use Ebates yet, you basically get money back for shopping online! I just started last month and have earned $10 + a $10 Target Giftcard!  Let me know if you ended up snagging this great deal!

Starlooks Starbox November Box

Thanks to the ladies *cough* enablers *cough* over at MUT, I decided to try Starlooks! The thing that pushed me over the edge is that December’s box will be a 15 pan eyeshadow palette!! It’s $15 a month (+ shipping, so about ~$18) and you get a mix of Starlooks products, all FULL SIZE! Also fun, when it’s your birthday month, you get a free box, so I should be getting 2 boxes come December, wahoo!

They also put up a look book that is supposed to give clues of what the makeup will be. This month’s theme was “Return to Monaco” and reminded us that cold weather months didn’t need to mean boring makeup! You have to subscribe by the 10th of each month to receive that months box. I believe the box shipped from somewhere in California so after I got my tracking, it was only a 2 day wait for me 🙂

Now onto the goods!


The packaging is nice and clean. This month we got a 5 pan eyeshadow palette, a cream liner, a liner brush, and a pencil sharpener. I can always use more brushes and have tested this one. It’s soft but gets the angled lines down! Also, don’t require tons of product which is nice 🙂


Love this cream/gel eyeliner!! It’s gorgeous. While it looks like a navy color in pictures/pot, it’s actually more of a turquoise blue once on. It also lasts forever. I swatched a bit on my hand, went to scrub it off and it wouldn’t budge. I ended up going to a baby shower with a bit of blue on me!


And the lovely palette!! Okay, I know it looks SUPER intimidating (I’m looking at you orange/red shade!!), but on, it’s actually really nice. Sadly, the gold doesn’t transfer as well, even with white base/primer, but the other colors are nice. It’s always nice to have a white color. The gray is pretty too. I really like the navy and it is quite fun paired with the red/orange. Just be sure to use a good stiff brush with these bad boys. I used a softer one and the color barely transferred.

Also, shoutout to my Zoya Storm polish making an appearance in this shot! I’ll do another post soon dedicated to this lady, but my oh my does she sparkle!

If you want to try Starlooks and get in on the sure to be kickass 15 pan eyeshadow palette for December, please you my referral link here: Starlooks! If you sign up, I get a free box of goodies 🙂