Stitch Fix

So I found Stitch Fix earlier this year and fell in love with the idea. Basically, you pay $20 per order for a box of 4-5 items and that credit is applied to any purchase. You can set your price ranges broken down by category (ex, I’d spend more on a jacket vs a necklace) and if you keep everything in your box, you get 25% off! After you receive your fix, you have 3 days to try on (ie model for friends and family who will deliver REAL TALK to you) and then send it back in a pre-paid envelope.

What I love about Stitch Fix is the comprehensive survey you fill out prior to getting your first box. They go into not only your tastes, but exact measurements, lifestyle, work environment, etc. You also have the chance to give your feedback on each item, including the fit, style, price, and sizing. While there are some misses, this is my 7th fix according to the website, so clearly I’m sticking around!

Enough chitchat, onto the fun stuff, the CLOTHES!

1) Tart – Black Nara Sleeveless Cowl Neck Belted Dress – $98


I was a little worried when I pulled it out of the box, but on it was sexy and formfitting. It can be dressed up and down, dependent on the occasion. The belt, brown, threw me off a bit. If I keep it, I’ll use a different belt. While my sis dug it, she balked at the ~$100 price tag, but she’s also the gal who is happiest at Buffalo Exchange vs Nordstrom.

2) Olive & Oak – White Annora Sheer Faux Leather Trim Blouse – $68


Ohhh, my heart skipped a beat when I pulled this baby out. It’s just gorgeous. I love the faux leather detailing, fit is great and it feels quality, not like some cheap Forever 21 blouse. Will be great for work or play. Plus, everyone ooh’d and aww’d when I came out in it.

3) Daniel Rainn – Teal Green Catina Belted 3/4 Sleeve Silk Dress – $98


To quote my hysterical father, “you look Amish!” The only missing the bonnet to complete the look. Needless to say, it’s going back. While I loved the color, the fit was all sorts of off. Had it been in a smaller size, wouldn’t have worked up top. Plus, I’m not looking to be mistaken for a sweet Amish gal.

4) Oxmo – Orange Mimi Lurex Sweater – $38


While this is definitely NOT orange, I adore it. It’s pink, has glitter, and fun elbow patches, what else can a gal ask for in a sweater?! I also requested a lightweight sweater because winter here in Phoenix is like a cold day in hell, doesn’t exist. 3000% keeping this, especially at the price point.

5) Pink Martini – Red Freja Button-Up Sleeveless Silk Blouse – $78


I knew from the get go that this blouse and I wouldn’t get along, but I always try everything on just in case. Well, I was right with this. While I like the color, I experienced the dreaded button gap (I know some of you ladies know what I’m talking about) and according to my equally hysterical mother, was “kind of whorish right?”.

In the end, I loved 3/5 pieces and am definitely keeping the sweater. I have another few days to decide on the blouse and dress. I love getting the boxes though. It’s like I get to play dress up without putting in any work! Plus, I feel like the stylists listen and I find things I’d usually never pick out for myself.

**Disclaimer, post includes referral links to help me feed my clothing addiction, but I purchased this fix with my own cash.