Quick Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape Sneak Peak & 20% off!!

This is just going to be a quick and dirty sneak peak!! I came home the other day to a surprise package from indie favorite, Rainbow Honey!! At first, I was very confuzzled. I thought to myself “Self, did you break your no-buy on polish and get the kickass Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag??” Alas, I did not and had forgotten that many moons ago, I added myself to her blogger list in hopes of snagging sneak peaks like this that I get to share with you all!!

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Julep April Sneak Peek + 50% Coupon!

Julep just sent us this spoiler-y email for April! Quick recap: Julep is a monthly nail/beauty sub-box where you get 2 polishes + 1 beauty product, 3 polishes, or an all beauty product box dependent on which selection you chose for $19.99 a month. You also earn jules on all purchases which can be cashed in for future boxes. You can also get your first box free with the code FREEBOX!

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Trick or Treat with Zoya – PROMO!

Zoya is awesome when it comes to promos, it seems like there is always one going on! Anyway, the latest is Halloween themed and it’s buy anything and get 1 polish free + free shipping!

All you do is click here and log into your Zoya account. If you don’t have an account, go ahead and create one. They hardly ever email me, only with great special or updates to my order. I love how spooky the site is 🙂 Anyway, after you log in, just click on the door (I had to do it twice) and an unique code will generate, giving you the discount!

I picked up Storm (a dupe for Bondi *RIP* My Ex’s Heart) and a color spoon for the grand total of…$0.50! I would have picked up more, but as you can see from my last post, I just bought 5 polishes from them.
Photo Credit – Zoya

Did pick up anything??

Mini Zoya Haul!!

My name is Rachel and I have a nail polish problem In my defense, Zoya had a promo last week that was buy any polish get 1 green free. It started that I was just going to order 2. That turned into 4 polishes, 1 free one, and 1 free mini polish remover all for $30! I love Zoya, they always have great promos and consistently great polish.


L-R: Flynn, Evvie, Hunter, Payton, and Monica

I just got them in the mail today after patiently (not really) waiting for exactly 1 week to get them. YAYAY! I tore through the box like it was Christmas morning (well, 1st night of Hannukah for me). I did the quickest swatch because I couldn’t decide which to play with first. In the coming weeks, I’ll post em all individually.


L-R: Flynn, Evvie, Hunter, Payton, and Monica. All 2 coats.

First impression, LOVE. The formula for Flynn is a bit thick, but that’s ok. It’s also not as orange as it appears in the photo. Evvie is gorgeoussss. Hunter is AMAZE tho I want it to be a tad darker. Payton is also a beaut. The glitter is fierce and she dries smooth. Monica is also purdy and the formula was a bit thin.

Zoya is also running another promo right now that you buy 1 Spirit Trio get 1 free + free shipping! That’s 6 polishes for $22. I almost caved and ordered last night, but I have my hands full with these babies. Must.resist.

In other news, I am not even going to comment on the Bondi scandal, besides the fact that I am just happy I only invested $1 in the company & have received it back. As much as I wanted those gorgeous 3 polishes, who knows if they ever even existed and the wonderful ladies at MUT already found dupes for me 🙂

Lacquerous Gift – Quick Post

I just received a cute little gift from Lacquerous, a new subscription box where you select 3 polishes from your ‘Lust List” including brands like Deborah Lippman, Tom Ford, Chanel, NARS, etc and pay a monthly fee. The twist is you only get to keep the polishes for 3 manicures per bottle & then you send the box back. It’s an interesting concept & the founders swear they go to every means necessary to make sure it’s as clean/sanitized as possible. I haven’t gotten a box yet, still waiting for the perfect polishes to appear, but I am really intrigued and can’t wait to give it a go.


Right now the site is still in beta & you request an invite. I signed up months ago and totally forgot, only getting a few or so ago. I liked them on Facebook & they were having a mini contest which I ended up winning! I just got their gift today and can’t wait to swatch for you guys later!

1) LVX in Alchemy. A super sparkly light gold, can’t wait to try it out, will be great for the holidays. I first tried LVX last month from a Blush Beauty Mystery Bag (another fave sub box of mine) and really enjoyed the polish quality.


2) Deborah Lippman in Lara’s Theme. This bright orange creme is just waiting to be used for a Halloween mani! It’s also my very first Lippman (I’ve been dying to get some) so double yay!!


3) Inoco Nail Polish Applique’s with a great black and gold color scheme. I’ve been wanting to try Incoco, the “original real nail polish strips” as they like to say and am love this design.


Over, big thank you to Lacquerist, I am excited to not only try your service but also get these babies swatched!!

**I did receive these polishes for free, as a winner of their contest, but am under no obligation to review them. I just want to!

Bondi Box – First Box $1!!!

Thanks to Michelle over at Pretty In The East, I snagged the code DONTWANTJULEP (a little snarky IMO, but I kinda love it) to get my first Bondi Box for $1. Yes, ONE WHOLE dollar for 3 Bondi polishes! I can’t wait. The subscription box is usually $19.99 and you get 3 polishes, a beauty product, and 25% a Bondi purchase. There are also options to purchase 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions that save you cash.

These are the 3 colors I chose:

Kiss Me Under The… – Gorgeous green creme. Reminds me of Christmas 🙂


My Ex’s Heart – Not only a siiick name, but a sparkly black!!


On The Rocks – A nice greige, I need a few more neutrals in my collection.


It was hard to pick just 3 and it took major self control to not purchase any of the blues. I am super excited to try Bondi, have heard great things. Plus, if they suck, it only cost me $1!! Did any of you sign up for Bondi? What’s your experience been like?

xo, R