Golden Tote November

Well, Birchbox LE Homespun box is being put on hold until I get my missing chocolate mix in my hands. Until then, here’s my November Golden Tote review! In case you don’t know, Golden Tote is a clothing service. Their sale launches on the first Monday of each month and you choose 1-3 items. The rest of your bag will be a surprise! $49 gets you 1 chosen and 1-2 surprise items, where $149 gets 2 chosen items and up to 4 surprises hand picked by tote curators. It’s a great way to update your wardrobe, try new styles, and make friends 😀 There is a trading group that is extremely active (the owners even chime in with spoilers and ask for ideas to curate the next month) and it’s great to be in a group full of women from all over the world.

This month I chose the Priddy Plaid Dress & the Alpine sweater. I also added on the Moto Jacket from last month and this months Fall Fever dress (and also picked up a pair of black jeans they found for me in their warehouse). *cough* I need my credit card taken away* I absolutely LOVE my chosen items. The surprises were mostly a hit and I even traded to get some of my other “unicorns” as we like to call them.

Up first, the moto jacket!! It’s vegan leather and so great! I am glad I sized up to fit over the girls and am stoked to finally be able to wear it!! Underneath is a GT piece from last month, The Aztec Swing which I bought off a gal in the group and absolutely adore.


Up next is my other add-on, the Fall Fever dress. Absolutely a win!! The fabric is like a light sweater and the colors are so vibrant in person.


Now, for the actual tote 😀 This is the Plaid dress. It’s also amazing. The fabric is kinda scuba like, the fit n flare cut is so flattering, and it will be SUPER warm when I go to Chicago this week for a bridal shower (clearly tights will be worn too). You can’t see the plaid or colors too well in this pic, but it’s gorgeous.


Okay, at first I saw this Alpine sweater and laughed it off. Then, I kept thinking and thinking about it and decided I had to have it. SO glad too because it’s so comfy, warm, and gets lots of compliments.


This is my first surprise, by Ezra. It is slightly sheer and has a surprise back! I was utterly convinced I’d hate it when I took it out, and then I put it on and ended up wearing it out that night! So glad they listened when I said I live in Arizona and didn’t need a lot of heavy layers.


Up next is this Priddy dress. Seams look uneven, but when I put it on again, they were fine. This is a great dress, so soft and I love the colors but ended up trading it for a crazy rainbow print!


Ack, totally LOVE this Everly surprise dress. It’s slightly tight at the chest and thanks to Spanx-like undies, I look hot in it!! Now to get the bf to take me out 😀


And my only real “meh” of the month, this Potters Pot zipper sweater. So sad because it looks GREAT off me, but I think the zippers just hit me at a weird spot on the hips. I am trying to trade or sell it.


I am also getting these two items in the mail & can’t wait (love trading!!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.47.35 PM 10269412_10100545924575059_2957521137873258276_n

Overall, this month was a hit and I can’t wait to wear everything! If you’d like to try Golden Tote, consider using my referral link –,,/ I’ll get $10. I’d suggest holding off until the next sale, but get your fingers ready, some sizes (like Larges) go quite quick!! Also, they tend to have past tote items in their boutique the days leading up to the sale for $35-$45. Did you get Golden Tote this month? Let me know!

*Disclaimer, post contains referral links, but I pay for totes with my own money!


Golden Tote July Reveal!

YAY, I got my July Golden Tote super fast this month 🙂 They started shipping very early after their sale & UPS decided to hold my package hostage for a few days before finally giving me my precious babies. For those that don’t know, Golden Tote is a surprise shopping experience! You choose either the $49 tote or $149 tote (+$7 shipping). You then get to select either 1 or 2 pieces and the rest is chosen for you by Golden Tote stylists (you’ll receive 2-3 items or 5-7 depending on which size tote & items you select).

I like to describe Golden Tote’s style as sort of Anthropology / California girl / amazing. The value is always on point and they push me out of my style zone. They also have an in-house brand, Priddy & Cut + Sew, that are super adorable and sent out as surprise items. The Facebook Group is also incredibly active and full of not only really supportive wonderful women, but also  a great way to trade/sell your items! Anyway, onto the fun stuff, what I got this month!!

Clearly, I have no self control and went for the large tote! Hell, I’d rather be broke and looking fabulous than rich and looking like crap. My first pick was the Aphrodite Maxi in Navy/White.
It fits perfectly, makes my booty look great, and is just the right length. I never thought I would be such a maxi girl until Golden Tote but if you look in my closet now, it’s basically all maxis…from them….

My next pick was the Endless Summer Maxi in Green.
Again, so much love!! It also have POCKETS!! Yes, pockets ❤ Be still my heart. The back is also incredible. I am stealing this pic of the back from their website because it’s basically impossible to take a picture of your back yourself without looking like a complete idiot.

The surprise items!! First up, another maxi by Super B. It’s beyooooond guys. BEYOND.
IMG_4542 IMG_4546
Just look at the detailing. It’s so freaking fantastic. And so comfy. I’m obsessed.

Next up is this Cut + Sew by Golden Tote Top
When I first saw this popping up in the FB group, I was basically praying I wouldn’t get it. It looked boxy and like it wouldn’t flatter me. But I sucked it up and tried it. Man, am I glad I did. I actually super love it and am really pleased that GT pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Here’s the items that just didn’t work with my body. Up first, Priddy by Puella Surprise Dress.
It’s very cute, and has an interesting reverse cowl neck opening in the back, but I think I am just too hippy and top heavy to really pull it off. It fit/the sizing was correct, just didn’t do my any favors. However, I sold it right away to a lucky lady in the FB group 🙂

And next up, these Celebrity Pink Jeans shorts.
Again, very cute, but the booty dat don’t quit and the thighs I inherited from my mother didn’t take toooo kindly to these. I was able to get them on (with some wiggling required), but just didn’t feel very comfortable in them. Luckily, I again sold them to a great gal!

I also added on one of these amazing Flawless bralettes from the boutique after I sent through my order and they were able to combine my shipping (aka refund me the cost of one and send me everything together).

It is SOO comfy. I basically live in the other color I received from them a few months ago and jumped at the chance to purchase it again. I will probably get the third lilac color next time I purchase a tote.

Overall, I think this was probably one of my favorite totes (I probably say that every month). Their customer service is always on point, I love being a part of the Facebook community, plus getting sneak peeks is so fun. Sarah and her team are on point with styling and I feel like I never need to shop for clothes again! If you want to sign up, feel free to use my referral link, I’ll receive $10 to further enable myself 🙂 I strongly suggest signing up for their newsletter and joining the FB group.

Did you get Golden Tote this month??

*Disclaimer, post includes referral links but everything was purchased on my own dime!

March’s Golden Tote Reveal ($49 Option)

Yay!! I got my Golden Tote on Monday! If you remember, I got the $49 option, picking the Chic V-Neck Dress. Obligatory recap of what GT is: their sales go live the first Monday of each month. You chose between $49 or $149 tote options. If you pick the $49 option, you select 1 item from their boutique and receive 2-3 surprise items (up to $200 value) and if you get the $149 bag, you’ll get 5-7 (up to $600)! Their style/options remind me a lot of Anthropologie but for a fraction of the price (in fact, I believe a few of their items have been sold there before) and they have their own in-house brand that’s great. It’s a fun way to get beautiful clothes and they have fabulous customer service. Anyway, enough rambling, onto the goodies!

1) Up first, my pick for the month, the chic v-neck dress by renee c:


Very light and gorgeous in person. I loved the print to death. It’s perfect for spring/summer and will be great with a pair of cowboy boots and if it ever is chilly here in Phoenix, a denim shirt. I only wish the v-neck was a little lower and that the elastic waist sat a bit differently. I think after I lose a few more lbs, I’ll love the dress even more. If not, I’ll trade it away because GT has a very active trade group on Facebook!

2) This amazing renee c. dress


When I first pulled it out of the box, I wasn’t sold. I didn’t think I would like it on my body, thought the print would be too loud, the back too open, etc. But once I put it on, hot damn! It looks smokin! It’s a smidge tight on the bottom, but J.Lo booty + Pilates will do that to a gal! I am soo happy with this dress and I think I found a new neckline to love!


Here’s a closer look at the back. There are two black slits with one center panel. The top is buttoned with a faux diamond. I love it. I usually don’t do open backs because of bra situations, but I will make this one work, because, well, it’s fab. Great job Golden Tote on this pick!

3) Last, but not least, this Flawless bralette that’s been popping up in most of the totes.


Now, when I first saw this around the boards, I thought frak, there is NO way these bb’s are going to be contained in that thing. I assumed I would immediately be putting it up for trade if I received it. I thought wrong. I tried it on for shits and giggles and fell in lurrrrve. It’s so pretty and feminine and surprisingly, the gals are contained! The pink is a great color too, not TOO obnoxiously neon, and the lace wasn’t itchy at all.

Overall, I am soo happy with my tote! $49+ shipping and I got 3 lovely pieces 🙂 I personally recommend that you sign up for Golden Tote’s newsletter today so you never miss a sale again, I promise you won’t be disappointed / you will want to spend all your money always.

Hurry! March’s Golden Tote is up!!

Run, don’t walk, to Golden Tote! The March sale has only just begun and sizes are already selling out. This month around is definitely an improvement, website loading MUCH faster, and check out was a breeze. If you don’t know, Golden Tote offers two options, a $149 tote where you choose 2 items and can receive up to 7 pieces OR a $49 tote where you pick 1 and can get 2-3. I ended up going with the $49 tote and snagged this cute dress:

I can’t wait to get it! It’ll be perfect for spring with some cowboy boots!

However, there’s tons of cute options! Here’s a few that are only in the $149 tote.


Plus, the first 1,000 orders (not sure if that’s been hit yet) receive this shirt:

I asked Sarah and Rosemary to not include with mine (I think my big boobs would make me look like a tent in that dress) and added a few requests (which they try super hard to honor). The initial sale lasts for about a week and then they start shipping out, so don’t expect your tote until closer to the end of the month (even if you pick expedited shipping!). I can’t wait to get my hands on the dress & see what the girls pick out for me.

Did you get anything this month?? Let me know! Don’t forget to sign up for the Golden Tote newsletter so you can be the first to know about sales. xo

*Disclaimer, this post includes affiliate links. A girls gotta eat!

Post Turkey-pocalypse

Phew, well, we all survived Thanksgiving! And hopefully, you brave souls that ventured out for Black Friday came back alive with deals in hand. I actually haven’t really picked up anything besides a discounted subscription at SquareHue!! Try code FreeBox and see if it still works for you 🙂

I had a great day filled with family, friends, and yummy food (though oddly, no turkey! I went for ham). My dad and I cooked up the roasted parsnips I blogged about last month and some brussel sprouts and then we all headed out to their best friends’ place for the night. We go there every year and the group varies from 20-30 people. It was gorgeous out yesterday, so we spent the whole time outside and got a fire going once the sun went down. It was nice to be around people I loved and reminded me that to be grateful for what I do have.



The outfit:


Please excuse my lipstick marks on the mirror. i’ve found it to be the most effective way to blot 😛

  • Golden Tote ‘Fate’ sweater
  • H&M army green long sleeve shirt
  • Express 5 Pointe pants
  • Booties from DSW
  • Project DIY necklace (a giveaway I won courtesy of Stephanie over at Tickled Pink in the Rain!)

The outfit was quite the success. Nice and cozy, plus I got kudos for my DIY necklace. I also did some suhweet eye makeup with my Starlooks palette from the latest Starbox but forgot to take a picture! I used the red & gold for a nice fall look that went with the sweater quite nicely. The pants are some of my fave, stretchy enough to handle the Tday feast, but still form fitting. I have them in like 3 other colors too!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Look for reviews in the next few days for the FFF VIP Box, my Project DIY box, and Sephora’s Favorites Superstar set, not to mention TONS of nail polish swatches and reviews (including Zoya and Deborah Lippman) 🙂

Mod Cloth Black Friday Sale!

I adore Mod Cloth. They have effortless vintage style and relatively great prices. I adore them even more when there’s sales!! Right now, they’ve kicked off Black Friday early and the sale lasts until 12/1! 100’s of items are now 50% off, yup 50%!!


I scored the following:


Aren’t these soo cute? Love the hearts on them, taking the basic black legging to the next level!


I went the easy way and asked my sister to pick something out for Hannukah. This is what she’s getting!


YAY! I definitely do not need another pair of brown boots (as I type, I am staring at 2 different pairs) but I couldn’t help it! Love the horseshoe detailing and the price!

All together, I hit just above $50 which = FREE SHIPPING! Wahooo 🙂 🙂

Are you getting anything from Mod Cloth this weekend?? If you haven’t yet made an account, please use my link! We both get $15 to spend, which will only enable more cute shopping I know.

November Golden Tote!!

Yaaaas, I got my Golden Tote today!! For those of you that don’t know, Golden Tote is a fun surprise clothing bag you can get each month. On the first Monday of each month, the sale starts! They present a collection and you chose from two options: for $49, you pick out 1 item and receive 1-2 surprise pieces OR for $149 you pick 2 and get 4-6! The only downside is if something doesn’t work for you, you have to either send back the whole tote or gift it to a friend. I have found that their customer service has been pretty solid and gives good advice when you ask about sizing.

I, having ZERO self control and desperately needing retail therapy, went for the $149 tote. With shipping, it ended being more like $155, but I got 6 pieces and I am super happy! I ordered the first day of the sale and got my items today. Here is what I received:

Come to me my pretttttty! LOVE this bag. I’ll be using it for farmers markets and making myself feel snazzy.

Navy & white Peach Love Cream top – Love this! My iPhone makes the color look black, but trust me, it’s a beautiful navy! Fits great, minus a smidgen tight on the boobies, but thats a daily struggle. One of my favorites from the tote!

Cream, gray, black trim reneec sweater. Super soft but not the most flattering on my body, my mom said it was her least favorite item. Still so comfy though and I’ll be keeping it for myself because I am selfish like that.

Cream and black striped lumiere sweater. LOVE THIS! It’s thick, comfy, and lovely.

One of my picks! Black button up lace lulumari dress. Really cute, but definitely needs the top few buttons unbuttoned to not give off an Amish vibe. Can’t wait to pair it with my cowboy boots, maybe some tights if it actually gets cold here in Phoenix.

Close up on the lace.

Navy blue lace inClover dress that was revealed as an item anyone who ordered the $149 tote would get. Now it looks like shit on the hanger, massive and unflattering, but once on and with a belt it’s SO much better. I may get it taken in slightly, but I like it! The sleeves are really delicate lace and it will be nice for holiday parties.  ALSO, the twirl factor is there, which is majorly important to me.

My other pick!! Finally, I got my hands on this aztec print Fate sweater!!! I almost got the October tote but they sold out in my size ASAP so I was so happy to see it again in November’s collection. The sleeves are a bit tight and it does’t do much for my figure, but I am in love with. Pockets, fun angles, what more do I need?

Did any of your order Golden Tote? Did you love what you got? Let me know!! I am hoping that December’s offerings aren’t as great or I may have to spring again 😛

*Disclaimer, post may include affiliate links

Punk Lust

Punk Lust
I am so happy that punk is in right now. It makes my heart sing. Spikes, black leather, edgy, bring it on. Living in NYC gave me the confidence to embrace my inner darkness a bit more and I am so glad the colder weather is finally hitting Phoenix so I can bust out my leather. Now if I had all the money in the world (not to mention some thinner thighs), these babies would be all mine. Aren’t they all glorious?? For some reason the jacket isn’t linking over, but it’s McQueen and it’s so incredibly drool worthy. Please, someone, GIVE ME IT.

Mulberry red leather tote bag
$2,410 –

Stackable ring

Marc Jacobs Long wearing lipstick

Stitch Fix

So I found Stitch Fix earlier this year and fell in love with the idea. Basically, you pay $20 per order for a box of 4-5 items and that credit is applied to any purchase. You can set your price ranges broken down by category (ex, I’d spend more on a jacket vs a necklace) and if you keep everything in your box, you get 25% off! After you receive your fix, you have 3 days to try on (ie model for friends and family who will deliver REAL TALK to you) and then send it back in a pre-paid envelope.

What I love about Stitch Fix is the comprehensive survey you fill out prior to getting your first box. They go into not only your tastes, but exact measurements, lifestyle, work environment, etc. You also have the chance to give your feedback on each item, including the fit, style, price, and sizing. While there are some misses, this is my 7th fix according to the website, so clearly I’m sticking around!

Enough chitchat, onto the fun stuff, the CLOTHES!

1) Tart – Black Nara Sleeveless Cowl Neck Belted Dress – $98


I was a little worried when I pulled it out of the box, but on it was sexy and formfitting. It can be dressed up and down, dependent on the occasion. The belt, brown, threw me off a bit. If I keep it, I’ll use a different belt. While my sis dug it, she balked at the ~$100 price tag, but she’s also the gal who is happiest at Buffalo Exchange vs Nordstrom.

2) Olive & Oak – White Annora Sheer Faux Leather Trim Blouse – $68


Ohhh, my heart skipped a beat when I pulled this baby out. It’s just gorgeous. I love the faux leather detailing, fit is great and it feels quality, not like some cheap Forever 21 blouse. Will be great for work or play. Plus, everyone ooh’d and aww’d when I came out in it.

3) Daniel Rainn – Teal Green Catina Belted 3/4 Sleeve Silk Dress – $98


To quote my hysterical father, “you look Amish!” The only missing the bonnet to complete the look. Needless to say, it’s going back. While I loved the color, the fit was all sorts of off. Had it been in a smaller size, wouldn’t have worked up top. Plus, I’m not looking to be mistaken for a sweet Amish gal.

4) Oxmo – Orange Mimi Lurex Sweater – $38


While this is definitely NOT orange, I adore it. It’s pink, has glitter, and fun elbow patches, what else can a gal ask for in a sweater?! I also requested a lightweight sweater because winter here in Phoenix is like a cold day in hell, doesn’t exist. 3000% keeping this, especially at the price point.

5) Pink Martini – Red Freja Button-Up Sleeveless Silk Blouse – $78


I knew from the get go that this blouse and I wouldn’t get along, but I always try everything on just in case. Well, I was right with this. While I like the color, I experienced the dreaded button gap (I know some of you ladies know what I’m talking about) and according to my equally hysterical mother, was “kind of whorish right?”.

In the end, I loved 3/5 pieces and am definitely keeping the sweater. I have another few days to decide on the blouse and dress. I love getting the boxes though. It’s like I get to play dress up without putting in any work! Plus, I feel like the stylists listen and I find things I’d usually never pick out for myself.

**Disclaimer, post includes referral links to help me feed my clothing addiction, but I purchased this fix with my own cash.