Popbasic Amélie Collection – Going live TOMORROW + $15 credit

The next Popbasic collection is launching on 11/19, this Wednesday and it looks gorgeous!! Quick recap, Popbasic provides micro-collections that are limited edition, made in the USA, and totally high quality. You can check out their past collections on their site.

This month’s collection, Amélie, will come with this completely awesome striped dress (UMM POCKETS), plus their Forget Me Knot bracelet in white, and silver Tube necklace. You’ll also receive a full size beauty product. All this is $70 shipped.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.58.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.58.42 PM

They’ve also recently started a Kickstarter to fund their next endeavour, silk blouses that look divine! You can still donate now and get early access to these adorable staples.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.57.44 PM

Now, onto the $15 credit!! If you use my referral link, https://popbasic.com/i/cEsc, you’ll instantly receive $15! That will make this collection (4 pieces in total) down from $70 shipped, to just $55! (I will also receive a credit, but I am more excited for you to check it out!)

Have you done Popbasic before?? What do you think of the Amélie collection?? I love it, so classic and a great staples. Plus, POCKETS!


Golden Tote November

Well, Birchbox LE Homespun box is being put on hold until I get my missing chocolate mix in my hands. Until then, here’s my November Golden Tote review! In case you don’t know, Golden Tote is a clothing service. Their sale launches on the first Monday of each month and you choose 1-3 items. The rest of your bag will be a surprise! $49 gets you 1 chosen and 1-2 surprise items, where $149 gets 2 chosen items and up to 4 surprises hand picked by tote curators. It’s a great way to update your wardrobe, try new styles, and make friends 😀 There is a trading group that is extremely active (the owners even chime in with spoilers and ask for ideas to curate the next month) and it’s great to be in a group full of women from all over the world.

This month I chose the Priddy Plaid Dress & the Alpine sweater. I also added on the Moto Jacket from last month and this months Fall Fever dress (and also picked up a pair of black jeans they found for me in their warehouse). *cough* I need my credit card taken away* I absolutely LOVE my chosen items. The surprises were mostly a hit and I even traded to get some of my other “unicorns” as we like to call them.

Up first, the moto jacket!! It’s vegan leather and so great! I am glad I sized up to fit over the girls and am stoked to finally be able to wear it!! Underneath is a GT piece from last month, The Aztec Swing which I bought off a gal in the group and absolutely adore.


Up next is my other add-on, the Fall Fever dress. Absolutely a win!! The fabric is like a light sweater and the colors are so vibrant in person.


Now, for the actual tote 😀 This is the Plaid dress. It’s also amazing. The fabric is kinda scuba like, the fit n flare cut is so flattering, and it will be SUPER warm when I go to Chicago this week for a bridal shower (clearly tights will be worn too). You can’t see the plaid or colors too well in this pic, but it’s gorgeous.


Okay, at first I saw this Alpine sweater and laughed it off. Then, I kept thinking and thinking about it and decided I had to have it. SO glad too because it’s so comfy, warm, and gets lots of compliments.


This is my first surprise, by Ezra. It is slightly sheer and has a surprise back! I was utterly convinced I’d hate it when I took it out, and then I put it on and ended up wearing it out that night! So glad they listened when I said I live in Arizona and didn’t need a lot of heavy layers.


Up next is this Priddy dress. Seams look uneven, but when I put it on again, they were fine. This is a great dress, so soft and I love the colors but ended up trading it for a crazy rainbow print!


Ack, totally LOVE this Everly surprise dress. It’s slightly tight at the chest and thanks to Spanx-like undies, I look hot in it!! Now to get the bf to take me out 😀


And my only real “meh” of the month, this Potters Pot zipper sweater. So sad because it looks GREAT off me, but I think the zippers just hit me at a weird spot on the hips. I am trying to trade or sell it.


I am also getting these two items in the mail & can’t wait (love trading!!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.47.35 PM 10269412_10100545924575059_2957521137873258276_n

Overall, this month was a hit and I can’t wait to wear everything! If you’d like to try Golden Tote, consider using my referral link – https://www.goldentote.com/points/invitation/new/from/Mjk0OQ,,/ I’ll get $10. I’d suggest holding off until the next sale, but get your fingers ready, some sizes (like Larges) go quite quick!! Also, they tend to have past tote items in their boutique the days leading up to the sale for $35-$45. Did you get Golden Tote this month? Let me know!

*Disclaimer, post contains referral links, but I pay for totes with my own money!

And now she’s back! From Outer Space!

Well not really from outer space (I WISH!), but more like real life got far too hard to deal with (fuck you forever cancer) and I didn’t even think about this blog for a while. However, that did NOT stop me from falling head over heels for indies and buying stuff like crazy!

My most recent deliveries from the mail man: an indie exchange from a wonderful gal over at Indiemakeupandmore subreddit & the Birchbox LE Homesweet Homespun box!

I had an excellent exchange partner, who really nailed it out of the park on her gifts. I mean really with candy, eyeshadow, yummy perfume, sparkle-bomb blushes, AND a custom shiro gloss how could it be wrong?? Heck yes!


My precious

First up, the Shiros!


My gal ordered me a custom gloss in Day of Reckoning! YAY!! It’s an awesome fall metallic. It looks sexy with one coat, and I can’t wait to build it up and layer!! I also scored Yzma’s Essence of Llama, which is spectacularly amazing and some great samples.


One layer, matches my sweater no? 

Up next, my very first My Pretty Zombie blushes!!! The sample colors are great too, but I am soo excited to try MDMA and 6MAM! They are gorgeous, high pigmented (see swatches at the end!) and I love the drug references, heh.


Creepy skeleton hand included!

Last, but not least at all, amazing scents from sixteen92 (an incredible indie perfumery that I need to order more from STAT). Her winter collection is launching TOMORROW and includes some really badass sounding scents.


Black Sugar, has notes of “Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.” Basically, it’s incredible!! The touch of dirt and smoke make it not overwhemingly sweet and foodie. I am finding myself loving chocolate scents more and more with my body chemistry. I also really like the hint of berry that comes through. It also lasts for EONS on me.

Ex Tenebris Lux, with notes of “Labdanum, Benzoin, Tonka and Vanilla Absolute with Patchouli, Oakmoss, Blood Orange, Bergamot and Tuberose” is so very interesting on my body! I don’t get much of the blood orange or vanilla, but it smells deliciously familiar somehow. Maybe a touch like incense on me and some trees of sorts? This is part of the winter collection, debuting tomorrow.

Now, swatchy swatch time! From top to bottom – Shiro custom gloss, Yzma’s Essence of Llama, My Pretty Zombie 6MAM, and finally MDMA.

IMG_5677 IMG_5676 IMG_5678 IMG_5679

Can y’all even handle the sparkle city that is happening on my arm?? This is without ANY PRIMER guys. Just beautiful products, made to glow on my face. This is why I love indies. I honestly haven’t touched my non-indie makeup in months and really need to get rid of it all (except dat Naked3). The quality is top notch and all the shop owners I’ve encountered have been wonderful.

As a bonus, here is a pic of me rocking my OWN custom creation from Shiro. I emailed with Caitlin about making Wetch (a now sold-out Halloween shade) into a gloss, with a bit more deep berry to make extra fall worthy. I also got pumpkin cheesecake flavoring to make it divine.


It also matches my new hair! Went dark for fall 😀

I’ll unbox the Homesweet Homespun in my next post (hopefully later tonight or tomorrow)! xoxoxo