August Birchbox Spoilers + Promo Codes

This month, Birchbox is doing a pick your own sample option again! Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.49.24 AM

Last month, it was kind of a shit storm and we apparently “broke the internet” because not only did their website go down basically immediately, but sample choices were out of stock, people couldn’t get anything reserved, and many people didn’t even get what they thought they HAD reserved. I got lucky and not only reserved my choices via email, but was able to get them through the website and did end up with both choices in my box (reviews up soon!)

Be sure to check your email ASAP on the 25th if you’re a current BB subscriber as you’ll want to jump on sample choices right away. If you haven’t subbed yet, get on it as today is the LAST DAY to guarantee you get the pick-a-sample option! The theme for August is ~lighten up~ & Birchbox uploaded this video showing us sneak peeks of our choices this month and they included the following:

You have to be subscribed by today, 7/23, to get access to these samples:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.49.39 AM

Thank you Liz @ My Subscription Addiction for this picture!! I am wayyy too lazy today to make my own 🙂

1) Model Co Shimmer Bronzer (Deluxe Size)
2) The Balm Stainiac (Deluxe Size)
3) Laura Geller Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow in Silver Sands (Deluxe Size)
4) Noir Long Wear Eyeliner in Forever Noir (Potentially Full Size)

I have two active accounts this month, and am definitely going to go with the cream shadow on one. A lovely lady over at MUT swatched her Silver Sands and it’s gorgeous! On my second account, I am thinking Stainiac OR the bronzer, leaning towards Stainiac. I have enough black eyeliner that I never use, regardless of full size or not, though I have heard great things about this one.

If you don’t have a BB account yet, SIGN UP RIGHT NOW and try these codes:
BBFAB100 – Will give you 100 extra points (aka $10 in the shop)

womenshealth100 – Will give you 100 extra points (aka $10 in the shop)

– Spend $35 and use promo code THEBRIDESMAIDS to get “The Bridesmaids: True Tales of Love, Envy, Loyalty . . . and Terrible Dresses” for free.

– Ending today, spend $75 and use NEXTBOXFREE to get August’s box free!

So, what sample will you be choosing?? Do you have multiple accounts?

*Post includes referral links 🙂


9 thoughts on “August Birchbox Spoilers + Promo Codes

  1. I just signed up with a gilt city promo for $99 for the year and a $25 store credit. It was my first purchase with gilt and I used promo code welcome20, saved another $20, plus ebates for another $3 =$87 for the whole year! This is my first subscription with Birchbox so I’m excited!

    • Ohhh awesome deal!! You might want to consider getting a second account with a different email to be able to unsub/sub each month with the 100 point promo codes 🙂 You can always flip your points into gift cards, send them to yourself,and spend away!! It sounds complicated, but is actually super easy haha.

  2. I have 2 accounts right now. I also bought the $99 subscription at Gilt City, but I used a 25% off discount. When you sign up through somebody who is affiliated with Gilt City, like at MSA, then you only get the 20% off. You have to sign up with a regular member’s referral link to get 25% off. I shopped through Mr. Rebates, which gives a higher cash back at gilt city (5%). So mine was $75 after discount, -$5 cash back = $70. After points ($25 initial and $60 for reviews) I will end up $10 in points ahead!

    I picked the silver sands too! I was surprised, but I was able to to choose on my new account. I picked the Noir eyeliner. I also have a lot of black eyeliner, but I am picky about brands and ingredients. I have been wanting to try this brand. I love The Balm, but I don’t love stainiac.

    • So smart!! I was thinking of doing the Gilt Promo, but decided against it at the last minute. Trying to reign in my spending a tad, especially after the Nordstroms Anniversary sale when I picked up a pair of Frye boots 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait for our boxes to come and to play with Silver Sands though!!

      • I know. Husband told me to cool it on spending. We had a big vacation and two birthday parties. Now back to school shopping and cat adoption. After my Rainbow Honey purchase in a few days, I will have to lay completely off for a few weeks. It is so hard, because I have free shipping with gilt right now and everyone is having great sales.

  3. Ugh! I missed on on this! I guess it’ll go to next month then! I was wondering if you could also review Vain Pursuits? I’d love to hear what you have to say about them!

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