Quick Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape Sneak Peak & 20% off!!

This is just going to be a quick and dirty sneak peak!! I came home the other day to a surprise package from indie favorite, Rainbow Honey!! At first, I was very confuzzled. I thought to myself “Self, did you break your no-buy on polish and get the kickass Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag??” Alas, I did not and had forgotten that many moons ago, I added myself to her blogger list in hopes of snagging sneak peaks like this that I get to share with you all!!

IMG_4504 The Summer Mixtape collection launches on 7/18 and will feature 12 gorgeous new cremes, shimmers, and glitters galore! You can purchase them directly from Rainbow Honey and use the code MIXTAPE20 for 20% off your entire order now through 8/31/14!! I received Best FriendLanterns, and Fall in Love. All super pretty and all that I cannot wait to fully enjoy them this summer. Sadly, my nails are a *bleep* show right now (just got some acrylics off and wow I remember why I stayed away from them for so long), so no swatches quite yet, just pretty polish shots. But I promise, they are gorgeous on the nails too 🙂


Lanterns, Fall in Love, Best Friend

Best Friend – Sometimes it feels like I only dream in black and white…and in neon glitter! 


Best Friend – Outdoors

Full of neon glitter in assorted shapes, including stars, triangles, and more! This will be a great topper from anything from a neon pink to those days when I feel dark and vampy. Fall In Love – Fall into this cool toned crimson red jelly with sparks of blue iridescence.


Fall in Love – Outdoors

Ohhh, ahhh, a red I can get into! A beautiful shade of red, almost leaning more pink than red, and the blue iridescence, OMG I can’t get enough of it, just takes the polish to a different level!! Lanterns – Light your way with this luminescent blend of iridescent and translucent glitters.


Lanterns – Outdoors

Another gorgeous glitter, this time all mostly circle/hexagon shaped. Beautiful silvers, pale blues,pinks, and a dash of yellow light up this polish. I’m picturing it over a black! Maybe Julep’s Cleopatra??


Lanterns, Fall in Love, Best Friends – Outdoors

I mean really y’all, how pretty are these colors?? And this is just 3/12!! Be sure to check out the collection page here for the rest of the color descriptions and remember, 7/18 is the launch date and use MIXTAPE20 for 20% off! *Disclaimer – I received these polishes free of charge from Rainbow Honey in exchange for my honest opinion, but am in no way swayed by free goodies!


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