Influenster #GoVoxBox Review


The packed this baby full of fun stuff!

Meep, I received this bad boy a few weeks ago but life has been pretty insane lately. It’s the first VoxBox I’ve qualified for in freaking AGES and I was pretty excited to get it. The theme of this Influenster box is all about a healthy, active lifestyle.

Included in the #GoVoxBox were some great products for me to try:

Let’s start from the top shall we? The Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons were, well, tampons! I actually already use Playtex Sports, so we’re off to a good start. I have never used scented tampons though and was a little put off by that. However, it wasn’t an overpowering smell / anything floral or noticeable. It mostly seemed that you can smell it just when you first take it out of the wrapper and that’s it. I’ll still probably stick to my unscented ones, which I quite enjoy. The Playtex Sports tampons are my favorites because of their applicator and fit. You don’t get that yucky cardboard/stiff feeling. Not to mention they are usually on sale at CVS!

Now for my favorite item from the box, the Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit n Full Protein Shake Shaker Cup. Most powdered protein drinks are gross, but to my surprise, I actually liked all three of the flavors provided! I went outside the rules and added ice, because just 8oz of water wasn’t satisfying enough. But served over ice, they kept me full for one meal, plus the shaker cup is REALLY fun to play with.

I’m mostly excited that I have one now. Plus, it’s perfect size to carry around and I love the purple color.

Mmm,the Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds were immediately opened and devoured. Perfectly sized bag too for the ever important purse snack. I will definitely be getting these at the grocery store. Nom nom nom.

The Profoot Triad Orthotic looked great, but I’ve gotten SO many inserts from various boxes that I gave these to someone who needed them more than I. I trust she enjoys them. The Pedi Rock though, heck yes! This thing is pretty great, my mom keeps stealing it though because her heels are grosser than mine.

Lastly, the Aqua Spa Bath Salts. I got this in a lavender scent and they smelled amazing. Sadly, I have no tub. I passed it on to my mom’s friend who is currently moving and desperately needed to relax in her tub. She was overjoyed. This will last her a long time too, thing was HUGE.

Overall, this box was pretty awesome! I enjoyed most of the products and am so stoked about the Shaker Cup. We also got a $5 coupon to use on future purchases at the Vitamin Shoppe, so I think I might order some more shakes and keep working at this #bikinibod.

Disclosure: I received this complimentary box from Influenster  but all opinions are mine and are in no ways influenced by them!


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