April Popsugar Must Have Spoilers and HUGE 50% Off Coupon!

Yes, I said 50% off y’all!! This will actually be my first Popsugar Must Have box, especially after the recent increase in price. I have always lusted and bemoaned when I saw reveals, but never bit the bullet. Until now. When I could get the box for $19.97 shipped. And with awesome spoilers. Check them out after the cut!

First off, Popsugar emailed us with the big #1, Too Faced’s Natural Eyes Palette. I have the older version of this and love it to bits. The newer palette has 3 different shades and is in a different tin. I am so stoked to get this updated palette, especially because they got rid of the glitter bomb that was Nude Beach. Also, it retails for $36, aka more than the price of a normal Popsugar box and definitely more than $19.97.


The genius ladies over at MUT also figured out the rest of box too, so stop here if you want to remain relatively spoiler free (though I’m guessing you don’t):

Graphic Image Pocket Notes Colors will probably vary. I like that these are small. Perfect purse size!

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap Wondering if we will all be getting the same scent.There is also a glass bottle version. Kinda hoping we get that one. Very classy!

Blueavocado Shopper Reusable Bag Tons of different patterns. Excited about this!

Fresh Pastry Stand Tea Towel Set These patterns are all so adorable, but I am assuming we can rule out a couple (I’m looking at you PBR and the divorced ones!)

All together, we have retail value of over $125 for $19.97 when you use the code CHANNEL7. If I were you, I’d run over to Popsugar now and sign up today! Who knows when April will sell out with word of the spoilers + 50% coupon code going around the blogosphere! What are you most excited for??


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