Allure Summer Beauty Box Mayhem and More Golden Tote May Spoilers!

Ahh, the elusive Allure Beauty Box! Over $350 of products for just $45 (+$10 shipping + tax)! People go apeshit for this thing. Literally. It sells out within minutes every single time it goes on sale.


Oooh, ahh, magical Allure Beauty Box

I haven’t ever tried to get it, mostly out of fear, but this year, I decided to go for it. I mostly wanted to say “SUCK IT INTERWEBS!” For a super informative breakdown of what’s inside, head over to my gal pal from MUT’s blog here.

It was supposed to go on sale today, 12:01PM EST sharp. But of course, the site was down even before the hour struck 12. Bitching and moaning galore over on their poor Facebook page. Rumors run rampant that the box was sold out before the sale had even begun. In reality, they were having technical difficulties. Some super savvy people were able to find a link that took you to the order form and I lucked out and ordered one before that site too, crashed.

After a few hours of radio silence from Allure, they released the following statement: “To all of our Allure Beauty Box fans: Our site went down when the sale was to go live at 12:01 pm today – we’re so sorry for the inconvenience. To make this fair game we’re going to reset the sale for next Tuesday, May 6 at the same time, 12:01PM EST.” So take note people, if you still want to try and get this bad boy, set your clocks once again for 12:01PM EST, May 6th, and head over to Also, if you did happen to get an order in, don’t fear! Allure is honoring all box orders that went through. Phew.

Now onto much happier news! Golden Tote has just announced invites and referrals! You can now get referral credits from GT! Simply create an account if you haven’t already and you’ll find your very own personalized link! Share that link and each time time someone signs up and purchases their first tote, you’ll get $10! This link is my own, so if you haven’t already jumped on the GT bandwagon, please feel free to use my code 🙂

Speaking of, here’s a few more spoilers for May, which is seriously shaping up to be a super cute month. Even though I managed to snag an Allure Beauty Box, I think I may have to spring for the $149 tote. Which mean I will absolutely be on NO BUY until like June if I ever want to eat again.


I need this. Like now. I believe this will be in the $149 tote. Obviously.


Adorable summer getaway dress


Cute pants from last month in a different color

So what do you think? Did you have any luck with the Allure Box? What about Golden Tote? Will you be springing for anything this month? Be sure to subscribe to Golden Tote’s newsletter to get the latest updates from them!



May Golden Tote Spoilers!

Okay before the onslaught of reviews, how about some May Golden Tote spoilers?!

Golden Tote is a fun surprise grab bag clothing deal where you choose from either a $49 or $149 tote. In the $49 tote, you pick one item and get 2-3 other picks and if you go for the $149 tote, you’ll receive 5-6 additional items, all total surprises! Their styling is very boho-chic, Anthropologie, California girl. If you hate patterns, you may not like them. Sales begin on the first Monday of the month and bags start shipping out I believe the second / third week of the month.

I ended up not getting anything from April, mostly because I was feeling too poor and the dress I desperately coveted was in the $149 and nothing else jumped out as a MUST HAVE. But judging on the sneak-peeks so far, I am going to have a hard time saying no.



I kinda love them all. So. Much. Color! I definitely want to pick up a dress. Or two. I have a feeling I’ll be going for the $149 tote. I also love that you can add comments to your styling profile for Sarah and Rosemary. If you see an item from the boutique that you like or from previous totes, let them know! You may not get it, but they’ll get a better sense of your style and know what to include in your package.

I suggest signing up for their newsletter on their site so you can a) never miss a sale and b) get sneak peeks!

BaubleBar Mega Sale + 15% Off Coupon!

 It’s been a hot minute. I have been soo busy with work (and shopping) but wanted to pass on the link for early access to BaubleBar’s very own Spring Cleaning Sale!! Prices have been slashed up to 90% and pieces are flying off the figurative rack!


I only scooped up a few pieces, including this necklace I have been oogling at for ages as I just received my very first Wantable Accessories Box last week (review will be up tomorrow)!! 


I also wanted to share a 15% off code that will work with your final sale purchases: CKBRAVO! If you happen to shop a lot of BaubleBar, you may want to scoop up the gift card they have up $80 for a $100 gift card becomes $68 for $100 towards pretty things!! 

Did you grab anything at BaubleBar’s sale?? Be on the lookout for reviews on Wantable, some NYX lippies, Coastal Scents brushes, a gorgeous YSL lipstain, crazy Morange Mac lipstick and some fun holo polishes from A Box Indied (told you a did some shopping). 

*Post may contain referral links!

Golden Tote April going live in 3…2….1

It’s about to go down y’all! I think one of Golden Tote’s LARGEST collections is about to go on sale! Here’s a sneak peak of the collection, plus a spoiler of what the first 1,000 orders will receive!


The middle top is what the first 1,000 orders will receive. Remember, you can request to NOT get this if it isn’t your style.

This month also features California designer Woo and is a nice breezy mix of dresses, tops, and a fun pair of pants! I might go for the $49 tote again, dependent on which dress is in which. We’ll just see where the cards drop!


What about you? Be sure you’re signed up for Golden Tote’s newsletters to get the latest scoop!

April Popsugar Must Have Spoilers and HUGE 50% Off Coupon!

Yes, I said 50% off y’all!! This will actually be my first Popsugar Must Have box, especially after the recent increase in price. I have always lusted and bemoaned when I saw reveals, but never bit the bullet. Until now. When I could get the box for $19.97 shipped. And with awesome spoilers. Check them out after the cut!
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