Holy smokes, it’s basically March!

Okay, I don’t know where the heck the time went, but apparently March is almost here. I’ve been soo wrapped up in personal drama (job search, family, health, LIFE) that I neglected my poor blog! And, wow has a lot happened.

The Olympics are happening, that’s crazy. I’ve only watched Ice Dancing and some figuring skating. Don’t ask me how, but I somehow got sucked into watching Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s (Canada’s ice dancing team, silver medalists) reality show that follows them leading up to the Olympics.
They were so precious and even though I am American, I was a bit sad that they didn’t get their second gold. Other than that, I am so out of touch with the games. Give me skating or bust!

Scandal is taking FAR too long to return. I need Oliva Pope and her FIERCE wardrobe to return stat. To comfort me, I lived vicariously through Claire Underwood’s clothing in the insane second season of House of Cards.

NYFW came and went and all I really remember is the hoopla over Kendall Jenner’s boobs at the Marc Jacobs show and being slightly underwhelmed with everything else.
It’s already 80 here in Phoenix and I am sadly going to have to retire my boots and sweaters soon. *SOB*, please no!! I want it to be fall forever!

Julep, Starlooks, and Glossybox all came (eventually) and all had pros and cons.

With Julep came the new skips rules for those not grandmothered in, ouch! I only took my box because I had enough jules to get it for free. The eyeshadow ended up much smaller than anticipated, but I still enjoy the color.
Eyeshadow in Fig.
This is the free polish everyone received, Love, with Rooney.

Starlooks surprised me with a random grab bag of items. At first, I was disappointed, white shimmery eye pot?! But then I used it as a base and love it. There’s a dud lipstick in the bunch, but overall, stoked!

Glossybox, well it was Glossybox. Yes, the Beauty Blender is fab. Yes, it is also white and a bitch to clean. And yes, there was HELLA drama with people receiving their boxes. Thankfully, I got mine pretty quickly, though am a bit jealous of the later boxes who got solid cleanser vs my measly liquid one. I also love the sea salt spray.

I have FAR more to review and ramble about, but wanted to at least throw it out there that I am here! xo


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