Starbox December + New Rewards Program

Yay, Starbox came a few days ago and I love it! We were promised a pretty 15 shade palette and Starlooks delivered! In case you’ve never heard of Starbox, it’s a monthly sub box that delivers Starlooks brand products! It’s $15 a month + shipping (so for me $17.68). I’ve only been subbed for 2 months, but I enjoy it! Image

Love their packaging! Sleek and chic! Each box also comes with crystals, but mine were broken sadly. I emailed their CS and within an hour or so, they told me they’d be sending me replacements! Image

The exclusive New Years Eve palette that subscribers got! Gorgeous mix of mattes and shimmers, I can’t wait to play with it! Especially the green πŸ™‚


A few ladies over at MUT had reported issues of the mattes (specifically black and wine color @ the top) not showing up. Marci, founder of Starlooks, responded personally to one of the inquiries and informed us that swatching with your fingers for matte shades actually leaves behind an oily residue that prevents the shade from showing up! I personally didn’t have any issues with mine as I only tried out the shades with a brush. Another tip I learned from the MUT ladies was to simply put a piece of scotch tape over stubborn shadows and take off the first layer! This will get rid of any pesky oils and let the color shine. Image

They also introduced a rewards program this month! Every 3rd month that you’re a subscriber, you receive a free product valued at $35!! So that means I’ll be getting a lil somethin somethin come March! I’m excited to see what it brings. Let me know if you sign up for Starbox and what you think of it!


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