Post Turkey-pocalypse

Phew, well, we all survived Thanksgiving! And hopefully, you brave souls that ventured out for Black Friday came back alive with deals in hand. I actually haven’t really picked up anything besides a discounted subscription at SquareHue!! Try code FreeBox and see if it still works for you 🙂

I had a great day filled with family, friends, and yummy food (though oddly, no turkey! I went for ham). My dad and I cooked up the roasted parsnips I blogged about last month and some brussel sprouts and then we all headed out to their best friends’ place for the night. We go there every year and the group varies from 20-30 people. It was gorgeous out yesterday, so we spent the whole time outside and got a fire going once the sun went down. It was nice to be around people I loved and reminded me that to be grateful for what I do have.



The outfit:


Please excuse my lipstick marks on the mirror. i’ve found it to be the most effective way to blot 😛

  • Golden Tote ‘Fate’ sweater
  • H&M army green long sleeve shirt
  • Express 5 Pointe pants
  • Booties from DSW
  • Project DIY necklace (a giveaway I won courtesy of Stephanie over at Tickled Pink in the Rain!)

The outfit was quite the success. Nice and cozy, plus I got kudos for my DIY necklace. I also did some suhweet eye makeup with my Starlooks palette from the latest Starbox but forgot to take a picture! I used the red & gold for a nice fall look that went with the sweater quite nicely. The pants are some of my fave, stretchy enough to handle the Tday feast, but still form fitting. I have them in like 3 other colors too!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Look for reviews in the next few days for the FFF VIP Box, my Project DIY box, and Sephora’s Favorites Superstar set, not to mention TONS of nail polish swatches and reviews (including Zoya and Deborah Lippman) 🙂


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