Starlooks Starbox November Box

Thanks to the ladies *cough* enablers *cough* over at MUT, I decided to try Starlooks! The thing that pushed me over the edge is that December’s box will be a 15 pan eyeshadow palette!! It’s $15 a month (+ shipping, so about ~$18) and you get a mix of Starlooks products, all FULL SIZE! Also fun, when it’s your birthday month, you get a free box, so I should be getting 2 boxes come December, wahoo!

They also put up a look book that is supposed to give clues of what the makeup will be. This month’s theme was “Return to Monaco” and reminded us that cold weather months didn’t need to mean boring makeup! You have to subscribe by the 10th of each month to receive that months box. I believe the box shipped from somewhere in California so after I got my tracking, it was only a 2 day wait for me 🙂

Now onto the goods!


The packaging is nice and clean. This month we got a 5 pan eyeshadow palette, a cream liner, a liner brush, and a pencil sharpener. I can always use more brushes and have tested this one. It’s soft but gets the angled lines down! Also, don’t require tons of product which is nice 🙂


Love this cream/gel eyeliner!! It’s gorgeous. While it looks like a navy color in pictures/pot, it’s actually more of a turquoise blue once on. It also lasts forever. I swatched a bit on my hand, went to scrub it off and it wouldn’t budge. I ended up going to a baby shower with a bit of blue on me!


And the lovely palette!! Okay, I know it looks SUPER intimidating (I’m looking at you orange/red shade!!), but on, it’s actually really nice. Sadly, the gold doesn’t transfer as well, even with white base/primer, but the other colors are nice. It’s always nice to have a white color. The gray is pretty too. I really like the navy and it is quite fun paired with the red/orange. Just be sure to use a good stiff brush with these bad boys. I used a softer one and the color barely transferred.

Also, shoutout to my Zoya Storm polish making an appearance in this shot! I’ll do another post soon dedicated to this lady, but my oh my does she sparkle!

If you want to try Starlooks and get in on the sure to be kickass 15 pan eyeshadow palette for December, please you my referral link here: Starlooks! If you sign up, I get a free box of goodies 🙂


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