November Golden Tote!!

Yaaaas, I got my Golden Tote today!! For those of you that don’t know, Golden Tote is a fun surprise clothing bag you can get each month. On the first Monday of each month, the sale starts! They present a collection and you chose from two options: for $49, you pick out 1 item and receive 1-2 surprise pieces OR for $149 you pick 2 and get 4-6! The only downside is if something doesn’t work for you, you have to either send back the whole tote or gift it to a friend. I have found that their customer service has been pretty solid and gives good advice when you ask about sizing.

I, having ZERO self control and desperately needing retail therapy, went for the $149 tote. With shipping, it ended being more like $155, but I got 6 pieces and I am super happy! I ordered the first day of the sale and got my items today. Here is what I received:

Come to me my pretttttty! LOVE this bag. I’ll be using it for farmers markets and making myself feel snazzy.

Navy & white Peach Love Cream top – Love this! My iPhone makes the color look black, but trust me, it’s a beautiful navy! Fits great, minus a smidgen tight on the boobies, but thats a daily struggle. One of my favorites from the tote!

Cream, gray, black trim reneec sweater. Super soft but not the most flattering on my body, my mom said it was her least favorite item. Still so comfy though and I’ll be keeping it for myself because I am selfish like that.

Cream and black striped lumiere sweater. LOVE THIS! It’s thick, comfy, and lovely.

One of my picks! Black button up lace lulumari dress. Really cute, but definitely needs the top few buttons unbuttoned to not give off an Amish vibe. Can’t wait to pair it with my cowboy boots, maybe some tights if it actually gets cold here in Phoenix.

Close up on the lace.

Navy blue lace inClover dress that was revealed as an item anyone who ordered the $149 tote would get. Now it looks like shit on the hanger, massive and unflattering, but once on and with a belt it’s SO much better. I may get it taken in slightly, but I like it! The sleeves are really delicate lace and it will be nice for holiday parties.  ALSO, the twirl factor is there, which is majorly important to me.

My other pick!! Finally, I got my hands on this aztec print Fate sweater!!! I almost got the October tote but they sold out in my size ASAP so I was so happy to see it again in November’s collection. The sleeves are a bit tight and it does’t do much for my figure, but I am in love with. Pockets, fun angles, what more do I need?

Did any of your order Golden Tote? Did you love what you got? Let me know!! I am hoping that December’s offerings aren’t as great or I may have to spring again 😛

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8 thoughts on “November Golden Tote!!

    • You should check it out next month, maybe something will catch your eye 🙂 I’ve heard about it for a while, but never bit the bullet until this month. I am glad I did! It’s fun getting a surprise in the mail.

  1. I got the same Renee C. creme, black, gray sweater as you and it does not look flattering on me either! It was my least favorite item but I LOVED everything else I got in my $149 tote! I got the lace dress too ( but I need to buy a belt for mine- I only have thicker belts or brown ones that don’t match). I also was hoping for the Aztec print Fate sweater too but didn’t get it. Oh well, that’s part of the fun in surprise bags!

    • Yes, the sweater is strange! I did tell Sara my measurements in an earlier email with her, because I think the sweater would look better on something who isn’t as busty as me hah! I was a bit sad that the lace dress required a belt, but I still love it. The Fate sweater is just great.

      Have you seen the sneak peak for December?? Owl sweaters!

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