Bona Clara Skincare Mini Review

I was generously offered a sample-size starter kit from my blogger bud Brandy for her new venture, Bona Clara Skincare, a few weeks ago and finally have time to review it! One great thing about this line is it’s age specific. 20 year olds and 50 year olds have different skin concerns and Bona Clara adjusts accordingly. I for example, had no idea that in our 20’s, we get the most free-radical damage. I also am finally getting on board with having an actual skincare system and not just praying that I don’t get wrinkles.

I got this adorable little sample kit (ps, shout out to whoever writes the addresses for Bona Clara, you have AMAZING handwriting) which included: a gel-based cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, toner, serum, and an anti-aging treatment cream. While my toner arrived almost 1/2 empty, I didn’t really need a ton to experience it working.

After using the kit for about 2 weeks, I can say that I like it! I don’t really notice if it makes the signs of aging disappear as I *luckily* don’t see any yet, but it does make my skin feel fresh and super clean. With the exception of the scrub, you’re supposed to use each product 2x a day. I found I needed a smaller amount than directed, which is why I was able to make the small sizes really last. I really loved the scrub. Instructed to use 2-3 week, it includes ground up pomegranate seeds, it wasn’t too rough but still made my skin feel really smooth.

They prides itself as being one of the safest and most natural skincare lines on the market. See below for their handy chart they included in my starter kit:

Umm, Lanacome, you need to step up your game! I mean come on, animal testing STILL?

Overall, I think Bona Clara is a great, natural line and worth checking out, especially if you’re worried about the effects of aging on your skin and have sensitive skin. They also have some great deals coming up for the holiday season, including the sample kit I received which is such a great way to try out the products for yourself. Check them out here and let me know what you pick out! Also, Brandy is just awesome and I know she’ll answer any questions you may have.


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