Rocks Box #3 & last chance for first month free!

Well, I forgot to pause my sub to RocksBox & was happy to see it arrive today! They ship from San Francisco, so I always get my boxes mighty quick. Got some great pieces 🙂 As a quick refresher, you pay $19 a month *less if you sign up for multiple months in advance* and RocksBox delivers you a set of 3 pieces up $200 value. Keep as long as you want and return for new pieces! You also get a 20% discount. They have great designer pieces and it’s fun to switch up my jewelry collection.

It’s also the last day to sign up for your first month free! Just use my link & you should be all set 🙂 If you’re seeing this past the 25th, just leave me a comment & I’ll send you a personal invite for $10 off.

Onto the baubles!!

1) Up first, Robyn Rhodes – Niut Earrings. Retails for $78, Member Price $62.40. Robyn is a former celebrity assistant and decided to leave the biz to start her own line!
These earrings are nice. While they look a bit blue in the photo, in person much more black. I like the design, but don’t think I’d spend the $$ on them. I will however rock them for a bit before sending this box back 🙂

2) Onto Urban Gem – Hammered Spokes Necklace in silver. Retails for $68, Member Price, $54.40. Urban Gem is a collective of designers from around the world with vintage and modern influences.
At first glance, I thought I’d dislike this necklace. I had gotten something similar before, but it was an awkward length for me. This one however, ROCKS. I love it on and can’t wait to wear it out tonight. While I probably won’t keep it, trying to cut down on expenses, I love it.

3) The final piece, Charles Albert – Alchemi Beach Glass Bangle. Retails for $75, Member Price $60. Albert has been a designer for over 30 years and uses unusual materials to create his gorgeous pieces.
I really like this bangle. It’s very, very, light and the sea glass is gorgeous. At first I didn’t think it would fit, but then I figured out the clasp and it is quite nice. Again, I won’t be keeping it, but it makes me feel pretty and special for now.

Overall, a great box for RocksBox. I think it’s a great concept. We all know how expensive jewlery can get, especially when you want high quality and I love that I can try out different designers. Don’t forget, if you’d like to sign up for RocksBox, now is your last chance for your first box free, so click here or let me know below if you need an invite to save $10!


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