Lacquerous Gift – Quick Post

I just received a cute little gift from Lacquerous, a new subscription box where you select 3 polishes from your ‘Lust List” including brands like Deborah Lippman, Tom Ford, Chanel, NARS, etc and pay a monthly fee. The twist is you only get to keep the polishes for 3 manicures per bottle & then you send the box back. It’s an interesting concept & the founders swear they go to every means necessary to make sure it’s as clean/sanitized as possible. I haven’t gotten a box yet, still waiting for the perfect polishes to appear, but I am really intrigued and can’t wait to give it a go.


Right now the site is still in beta & you request an invite. I signed up months ago and totally forgot, only getting a few or so ago. I liked them on Facebook & they were having a mini contest which I ended up winning! I just got their gift today and can’t wait to swatch for you guys later!

1) LVX in Alchemy. A super sparkly light gold, can’t wait to try it out, will be great for the holidays. I first tried LVX last month from a Blush Beauty Mystery Bag (another fave sub box of mine) and really enjoyed the polish quality.


2) Deborah Lippman in Lara’s Theme. This bright orange creme is just waiting to be used for a Halloween mani! It’s also my very first Lippman (I’ve been dying to get some) so double yay!!


3) Inoco Nail Polish Applique’s with a great black and gold color scheme. I’ve been wanting to try Incoco, the “original real nail polish strips” as they like to say and am love this design.


Over, big thank you to Lacquerist, I am excited to not only try your service but also get these babies swatched!!

**I did receive these polishes for free, as a winner of their contest, but am under no obligation to review them. I just want to!


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