Rocks Box #2 + FREE FIRST MONTH!!

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Brandy over at Mommysplurge, I discovered the fabulousness that is Rocks Box! It’s like Netflix for jewelry. There’s 3 membership plans, starting at $19, but go down in price the longer you commit (full membership fee paid upfront!). Basically, you fill out a style survey that covers all the bases from not only types of baubles you like, but also gaudiness level *mine is up there*, metal preferences, to what you NEVER want to receive. Then you get this adorable box in the mail with 3 pieces that you get to rock for up to two months! You have the option to purchase the items at a lower price and they feature a lot of great artists. Whenever you’re ready to change up your gems, send them pack in the pre-paid envelope and you’ll receive new pieces super quick.

rocks box

1) Made – Igonyegonye Earrings, Retail – $45, Member Price, $36


Holy crap, I love these to bits, and not just for the mouthful of a name. Not only are the gorgeous/go with everything/wonderful/lightweight etc, but also support a great cause. The company’s main objective is to create sustainable jobs and empower women in Kenya which is A+ in my book! I’ve been back in forth in keeping these as $36 for a pair of hoops is a lot, but I do love giving back aspect so I may just do it.

2) Loren Hope – Elva Tassel Necklace, Retail – $78, Member Price – $62.40


Okay, I know I said was into gaudy, but this is a little too…something for me. I wanted to like it, I really did, and the stylist did listen when I said I needed long necklaces, but I just don’t think the faux-diamand tassle look is for me. I also appreciate that these are handcrafted in good ole US of A though and look forward to giving feedback and getting better pieces.

3) Gamine – Zara Rings, Retail – $56, Member Price – $44.80

zara rings

When I first took these out, I thought there was no way in hell they’d fit, but they did! After a bit of googling, saw a few other gals received these rings this month as well. I also like them more than I thought I would. They are simple and unassuming, but I don’t think I’d ever pay retail for these. They also looked far better on my model-skinny sister than on me.

While I may not love each piece I got this month, I still have love for this sub because you get to have new jewelry as often as you’d like! It’s a great way to find new designers and change up your wardrobe without going broke. Now for the FREE part!! To get your first month free visit the following link – and use the code – FRIENDSROCK. That’s how I signed up (via Brandy, hey girl!) 🙂

**Disclaimer, the Rocksbox link is a referral where I’d get some credit to keep the pieces if you decide to join!


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